Front-End Engineer

SocialVenu is a leading Social Commerce technology for SMBs. Our platform enables clients to utilize the power of authentic user videos to drive revenue.


We are an autonomous team, based in the US & EU: (new website underway).

We have developed a highly customizable webapp that empowers clients to collect or create videos. The SocialVideos are wrapped with our proprietary technology and our SocialVerse web plugin increases SEO to drive conversions that ultimately drive revenue generation.

The CEO had a previous exit for half a billion dollars and aims to surpass this success with SocialVenu. 

What we're looking for:

• An experienced Fron-End Engineer for an ongoing Webapp, Web Plugin and Client Dashboard.

• You will work with our current team (front-end & backend engineers, & PM).

• We have specifications available for applicants to review upon request.


• Experience building complex products with various flows

• Able to push the boundaries for new product concepts (i.e.

• Ability to communicate clearly

• Dedication to meet project deadlines in a timely manner

• Attention to detail

• Will sign an NDA

A great plus would be:

• Experience working with video (capture, display & showcase etc.)

• Experience with incentives & reward systems 

Front-End Engineer
Remote Position
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Remote Position
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