Enabling fans to sell the Experience


Broadening the viable purchasers and reaching a wider audience through the fans' network.


To better understand and communicate with fans at an individual level.


To build a personalized relationship by providing direct value to their event experiences.

SocialVenu builds fan engagement experiences to drive sales for teams.
The key is to increase the size and quality of the sales funnel.

10x Reach vs Current Methods

Email List: 60k
Social Media Followers: 700k

Fans' Social Media Reach: 20M

10x User Acquisition & User Data

New users per season: <3k
Data points per user: <5

New Users per season: 30k+
Data points per user: 10+

10x higher Engagement

Open rate: 30% higher
Time spent: 100x higher
Click through rate: 16x higher

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