1. Capture

Over 50% of attendees cannot be reached after they leave the venue

With SocialVenu, attendees exchange their story for their contact information 

This achieves over 1k new leads per event

2. Engage

Current team communications engagement is at 1-10%

With SocialVenu, use personalized content to supercharge your communications to fans

This achieves an increase in engagement by 16x

3. Convert

It’s hard for sales teams to build personal relationships with fans as they lack detailed data and a scalable tool to use it

With SocialVenu, capture unique data and content that enables an emotional conversation base

This achieves thousands of $ in additional tickets sold for each game

Get Started
5 games attended

Sell a 3 game package
12 games this season

Offer season ticket
Sits in upper circle
Moves to lower bowl

Offer a lower bowl ticket
Rewatches videos 25x Content views 2k+

Offer tickets to friends

White-labeled frontend & integrated with your backend

The webapp link can live within the teams' website, app, social posts & email campaign links. This enables seamless access under the same channels.

The content & data is fed through to the existing team CRM & communication systems. This enables quick & simple integration.

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Making the fan the star

The “photo-taking-impairment effect” phenomenon means
when taking a photo you don’t engage in emotional processing (see why)

Our cameras enable fans to enjoy emotional moments unimpaired, enhancing their experience and still enabling them to saviour and share special memories.