Turn your customers into micro-influencers

Incentivize your customers to amplify your brand & drive sales

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How it Works



It’s hard to identify and build a community that can help organically grow your brand.
Our web tools & analytics help drive this awareness and targets the best customers.  



It’s hard to engage customers to create UCG. 

Our incentivize platform rewards each
member during every activity to keep them engaged and sharing their content. 



It’s hard for people to create great content, especially on brand and at scale. 
Our creator enables anyone to create great content within a few clicks.  

Your fans & followers have an audience that is 1000x bigger than your own. Empower them to promote your brand & drive sales.

Grow a community that works for you.

We’ve worked with some great teams & brands.  


Three core technologies drive Amplifier engagement.

Amplifiers are given the tools needed to create content that is on-brief  that helps promote the desired brand or sales initiative.

Our Cameras capture a video of every single fan in the stadium during the big moments in the game.

Fans simply enter their seat number to access a story of their experience.

Rewards & Tracking

We use our incentive & engagement algorithms to activate these followers to become part of your powerful amplifier community.




"In the age of social media, electronic word of mouth (eWOM) has become a powerful source of social influence and virality, ‘the holy grail of digital marketing."


Case Study Results

The below showcases our products' performance across various teams & leagues.


95% Of Members Shared Content

40k New Members per year


200k Webapp Visitors per year*

15M Sponsorship Impressions per year

Ticket Sales:

2x Higher Conversion to Ticket fulfiller

$100k Tickets sold per year*

*Extrapolated over a 1 year campaign


All activity is tracked via our dashboard

Network Value

As the community grows, so does the audience size & network value.

Within 2 years of activation, one of our clients gained 40k Amplifiers, with a combined audience reach of 20M.

Promotion & Sponsorship

Branding & messaging is integrated into the shared Amplifier content.

One of our clients generated 15M impressions within one year of activation.


Amplifiers help drive sales. They are rewarded for access to their extended & closer network of friends.

Using this network, we were able to sell $2k of additional tickets within 24hrs for a client.





SocialVenu is a white-labelled webapp that users access via their browser.

This enables seamless integration with no app downloads required.

Board of Advisors

George Killebrew
35 Year Sports Marketing Exec
15 Time NBA Award Winning Exec
prev: EVP & CRO Dallas Mavs

David West
COO PCL Basketball
2x NBA Champion
2x NBA All-Star

Drew Brees
NFL QB, Super Bowl MVP

Chris Gallagher
CRO - Orlando City SC
prev: M.Dolphins, C.Browns, NY.Yankees, F.Panthers

Cameron Scholvin
COO/SVP - Columbus Blue Jackets
Prev: Orlando Magic, IMG College

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