Drive Sales with Authentic Stories

Empower your customers to create & share stories that market for you.

Lack of Emotional Connection

The way brands present their products hasn’t evolved.

Tactics like written reviews, photos and star ratings, do little to evoke an emotional connection to their product.

Leverage your Customers to market for you

By providing your customers the ability to create and share stories about their experiences, you broaden the reach of your product to like minded prospects in their networks.

Powering Emotional Connection

People’s desire to connect with others has never been greater. A story’s very nature is to create connections and trigger emotional responses. Viewing stories of real customers has proven to increase engagement.

Increase Conversion

Customer stories showcase products in real-world environments that viewers can relate to. That relatability translates into higher conversion rates and greater sales.

Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year
Marketers who use video grow revenue
49% faster
54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand they support

Leverage your customers to Market for you

By providing your fundraisers the ability to create and share stories about their experiences, you broaden the reach to more donors and like minded peple in their networks.

When focusing your resources on your fundraisers, you will transform them into a marketing team with exponential growth.

Create Stories

Capture: Your customer is guided to create their personalized story by either recording or uploading a video.

Upload: Your customers can copy a unique link to share with their network or download their video to showcase on social media.

Share: With one tap, they can download their video or copy it’s unique link to be shared to their network.

Showcase Stories

As you collect customer stories, our platform makes it easy for you to manage and curate which stories are featured on your site. By featuring the most impactful stories, you are able to influence your new customers' purchase decision.

Incentivize your customers

Rewards: We make it simple to create incentives that reward your customers for their engagement.
Attribution: We provide you with access to a wealth of actionable insights on each of your customers' interactions.

Manage Content & Customers

Our customers are issued an administrative dashboard where they can control and manage all aspects of the fundraisers experience. The dashboard provides easy access to performance metrics, created content, user details and customizable settings.

Simple Setup

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Configure your Webapp & video guides.

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